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Welcome to Digilytic International

A Digital Marketing Strategy Consultancy

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Our primary goal is to provide customized long term, multi asset digital marketing strategies to clients developing both inspiring and valuable offerings. By means of a thorough analysis of data gathered from current digital marketing campaigns as well as the company websites and marketing funnels, we construct unprecedented, meaningful and perceptive reports. These reports highlight insights into consumer purchasing patterns, how they interact with company websites and the optimal placements and platforms for your advertisements.

Digilytic International then derives focal points to amplify the performance of your digital marketing to its fullest potential. This will aid in reaching and appealing to, as many highly targeted leads as possible which in turn achieves optimal output. This approach is results driven and aims to maximize the return received from the resources invested in performance-based digital marketing efforts. And simply, the outcomes speak for themselves.

Our innovative holistic outlook allows us to elevate data gathered to an entirely new level and gain understandings, which were not possible with former methods and merely examining campaign level data.


Our Services

Lead Generation

Strategically generate more leads and attract the relevant target group. Increase not just the quantity of contacts but also its quality.

Increase Sales

Increase online sales and optimize profit to cost ratio by balancing different touch points over the course of the entire customer journey.

Brand Awareness

Focus on creating campaigns that create a digital brand awareness buzz around and foster positive relationships with the client project and brand.